My name is Charles Pisano. Welcome to Building a Roku Channel. We are a community of people who have decided that we would like to have are own Roku Channel. For many of us, the cost to build our own channel is not within reach.

You are then going to be asked to spend thousands of dollars to build your own channel. You are then going to be asked to spend money to maintain your own Roku Channel on a monthly.

The average cost to build your own channel is $250.00 to $2,000. Given all the graphics I can build you your own channel for even less then $250.00. The cost to maintain your channel should be no more then $200.00 a month.

Why do people charge so much money. It depends on the information you give your designer. The most time consuming part of building you your own Roku channel is the graphics.

If you are a graphic artist, your channel can be built for very little money. What you need to know is that when I build a channel I clone it. This means what would take a person hours to program takes me just a few minutes. Someone you pay $5,000 to $10,000 dollars for is copying the code. The graphics can not be cloned.

As member of Building a Roku Channel, you are going to learn all about this and more. You will become an expert at what it takes to build your own channel.

I am going to personally show you how to do it. I do this with a series of videos you will watch to learn how to build your own Roku Channel.

Not everyone will be invited to join this site. You will need to pay a monthly fee of $11.00 to view the articles on this site. You will be asked to have specific channels on your Roku player. The channels are channels I use to teach you how to build your own Roku Channel.

Please give me a call and I will give you a password you can use to join the site.

Kindest Regards

Charles Pisano


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