Building a Roku Channel

Why Build a Roku Channel?
There are many reasons why you would want to build a Roku Channel. Overall, the main reason is to be able to give people who use your product another way to learn more about your company and your products. When you have your own Roku Channel, customers take an immediate interest in what it is you are selling and they will want to watch again and again the episodes you have created for them. Here is a list of channels we can build for you: Wait, can I build my own channel? Yes, you can build you own channel  and you can build your own channel in five minutes.

New Faqroku Youtube Channel?
We are putting up a new Faqroku Channel on Youtube.  The new video does not show you how to use Roku it does answer some questions why Roku is so important. We will be building
a Roku subscription channel. You pay a $10.00 a month to have all your questions answered on Roku.
our new Roku Channel on Roku  is vannity name  [ Buildingarokuchannel.] 

Religious Channels
Are you are a minister who would like to get the word out? One way to share the word is the Internet. The second method is having your own private Roku Channel. You can talk about God 24 hours a day. At any given hour, someone can call in and speak directly to you about God.

Retail Store Channels
Imagine viewing retail stores online and learning about products and the sales force. With your own Roku Channel, you will have the ability to do all this and make an appointment with a specific sales person and visit the retail store to pick up the merchandise.

Car Dealerships
In the future, dealerships will show you the car you desire on your own Roku Channel and have it available for you to look at the next day. Some car dealerships will even come to your home and take you for a test drive. This is the future for car dealerships who have their own Roku Channel.

Product Review Television Channels
Private review channels will be popping up everywhere. You will be able to call in and have someone review a product and immediately tell you if the product is any good and whether or not you should buy it.

Home Design Channels
It is not enough to just buy a couch or a lamp. Consumers in the future will be buying the whole look and feel of a room. This will mean bigger sales for sales people. Part of selling furniture will be to have people come to your home to take measurements and have a designer help you design the space for you using specific pieces from a particular store. This will all be done with the help of the stores’ private Roku channel.

Dating Sites
Dating sites in the future will no longer use profiles and emails. You will specify the person you wish to meet and setup three-way video conferencing to talk with them online. You will be able tell the computer what you want and the computer will take a photo of you. The computer will even go through hundreds of other photos to determine who is a good match for you. You will be able to setup a time to contact and meet the person directly.