Building a Roku Channel

                   100 Commonly Asked Roku Questions

1. Who Are You?
My name is Charles Pisano. I build Roku Channels. The cost
for me to build you your own Roku Channel is $25.00.
Give me a call to discuss your needs 631-742-1968 

 2. Why Build a Roku Channel?
The reason to build your own  Roku Channel is so that people can easily
find you and get to know your product or service watching you on TV.

3. Is Having your own Channel the future?
Yes, many companies in the future will have their own channel.

4. Do you provide graphics and content for my channel?

5. Can you provide graphics and content?
Yes, but not for $25.00 call 631-742-1968 for details

6. Why do you Charge so little money?
We have developed a system that allows us to build
channels for $25.00 a month.

7. Do you have your own channel?
Yes,  the channel is ifoundyou

8.  How many channels have you built?
This information is confidential

9.  Can I see examples of your work?
Yes give me call and I will send you some examples 631-742-1968 

10. How long does it take to build a channel?
This depends on the channel we are building? A basic channel
three days. The structure four hours.

11. Is there a video on how the channel is built?
Coming Soon

12 . Can I have a channel about myself? 
Yes, you can have any time of channel you like except
nudity and copyright material.

13.  Can I have a live feed?

14. Do live feeds cost a lot of money? 
Yes having a live feed can cost a great sum of money.

15.  Does Instant Roku Channel provide storage? 

16.  What does Instant TV Channel do? 
Instant TV channel gives you the ability to update
your Roku channel In real time.

17. Do you work for Instant TV Channel? 

18. Do you work for Roku ?

19.  What do you mean by real time? 
You can be sitting on your couch and update
the background of your Roku channel from your
computer without the need to program anything.