Building a Roku Channel

Why Build a Roku Channel?

There are many reasons why you would want to build a Roku Channel. Overall, the main reason is to be able to give people who use your product another way to learn more about your company and your products.  When you have your own Roku Channel customers take an immediate interest in what it is you are selling and they will want to watch again and again the episodes you have created for them.

What type of channel do you build.

Netflix type channels are the only type of channel that we build. The cost to build your channel is $25.  What would take  weeks for your build  takes us hours.  We will being
putting up a series of videos for your viewing pleasure to see how fast we can build you
your own  Roku Channel. You can get started with your own channel by calling Charles
Pisano direct at 631-742-1968.


In exchange for  building you your own Roku Channel for $25.00  You allow us to
advertise on your channel for free for 12 consecutive months.  You may elect to
pay $250.00 and wave the advertising fee all together.

Instant TV Channel

You will need to pay $50.00 for hosting your account with Instant TV Channel. You will need to pay  to host your video. content. We  are not associated with Roku or Instant TV Channel.
We make no money when you host with Instant TV Channel.

What makes a good Channel ?

What makes a good channel is content. Content is king. What comes next is updates. You want to update your channels content frequently.

Contact Me

I can be contacted at 631-742-1968 call me anytime with your questions.


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